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Issue 53: Prescription Heroin, HIV+ status, telemedicine hiring startup and more

Prescription heroin

The opioid epidemic is one of the biggest health issues of our time. We had over 47,000 OD's in 2017. We need new solutions to save lives. The RAND corp, a famous policy think-thank, has proposed an unusual solution of prescribing heroin to patients who are fighting addiction. The approach would involve giving opioid users, who have failed other treatments, pharmaceutical grade heroin. Although this may seem like a crazy idea it is already being done in several European countries as well as Canada. Patients are given heroin while in a controlled setting and encouraged to decrease their dependence while talking to counselors. The idea is that if patients are given heroin in a controlled setting they are less likely to get impure dangerous drugs from off the street that could be cut with fentanyl. Prescription heroin dates back to the 1920's in Europe and was even used in the US for a brief time until federal drug laws banned the practice. It sho…

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