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Issue 56: Government screw ups, Teva's new inhaler, Best Buy jumps into healthcare and more

The EPA wants coal companies to make more $$$

You know something’s really wrong with your government if the ENVIRONMENTAL Protection Agency is suddenly more interested in making a few bucks rather than actually doing what its name suggests—protecting the environment. The EPA recently said that having such strict limitations on mercury and toxic emissions from oil and coal-fired power plants is not “appropriate and necessary,” simply because it doesn’t allow corporations to make enough money. Apparently, industries lose $7.4-$9.6 billion annually due to these limitations. Buuuut let’s just ignore the fact that having these safety restrictions in place SAVES our healthcare system $80 billion worth by preventing effects of exposure to mercury, like neurological disorders, heart and lung diseases, weakened immune systems, and premature deaths. Of course the coal industry is pretty happy about this, but is it really smart to invest in a dying industry when it comes at both an economic and …

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