Issue 5: Man Flu, New Hemophilia A Cure, and more

Newsletter Growin' Up
Guys, big changes underway for us. We're changing the name of the newsletter to MEDICINE. Why would we do that you ask?!? Because we want to appeal to a larger audience and post up all over the internet. Our content will stay the same of course, but we are just changing names like how Tauheed Epps changed his name from Tity Boi to 2 Chainz. We even bought the domain name medicine.meida which will be our new homepage. If this displeases you let us know! Now back to the news you gotta know...

Man Flu 
An unusually humorous paper by the British Medical Journal has been causing a buzz on the internet. The paper tries to find the scientific basis why men get so wrecked and immobilized by the flu while women seem to recover more easily. Studies have even shown that men have a higher mortality rate from the flu when other variables are kept constant between sexes.

An interesting explanation explored is that female sex hormones such as estradiol are immunoprotective while male sex hormones such as testosterone can lower immune responses. The paper emphasizes a need for more research and concludes with this line, "Perhaps now is the time for male friendly spaces, equipped with enormous televisions and reclining chairs, to be set up where men can recover from the debilitating effects of man flu in safety and comfort". Like we said the paper is funny AF.  

Man Cave Medicine  

The bros at the NYT report that some trailblazing plastic surgeons are starting a new trend of having male only plastic surgery clinics. All the employees are men (or hot women) and all of the patients are men. The clinics perform procedures that men feel bashful to ask for in the presence of women such as penis enlargements and "anal tightening". The clinics come with poker tables, giant flat screen TV's with ESPN playing, and treatment rooms with goofy names such as the "Dog House". 
New Hemophilia A Cure
Hemophilia sucks (for men). Even the most minor injuries causes patients to bleed uncontrollably. Hemophilia A is caused by a gene defect that results in low amount of Factor VIII, which normally promotes clotting. Recently scientists at the NHS have discovered a new cure involving replacing the messed up gene in patients with a new fully functional copy using an adeno-associated virus. They only had 13 patients in their clinical trial, but after a year of the treatment 11 had normal levels of factor VIII and no longer needed treatment. There are of course drawbacks, one being that the cost for treatment will be astronomically high. AKA 6 figures high.   

Microsoft is Making Medical Chatbots

Everyday another technology giant is crowding into the Digital Health space with a new AI product. Last week Microsoft announced a new AI initiative that creates healthcare specific virtual assistants and chatbots. Feel some chest pain? Is it acid reflux or a heart attack? One of the main functions of the chat bots would be used for triaging and helping connect patients with nearby providers. Microsoft is inviting healthcare organizations to become partners in this endeavor and allowing access to customized chat bots. PIMP my Chat Bot?  Yes please.