Issue 4: Head Transplant, Selfies to Doctors, and more

Head Transplant Revisited

Back in 2015 an eccentric Italian Neurosurgeon, Dr. Sergio Canavero, told the world that the first ever successful human head transplant would be possible within 2 years. A 31 year old man with spinal muscular atrophy even volunteered to be the first subject. Fast forward 2 years later and no scientific reports of a human head transplant. Last month Dr. Canavero did announce he was able to “successfully” perform the procedure on corpses though, which doesn’t exactly count.

Sending Selfies to the Doctor

Scientists in Australia recently announced that they have created a computer algorithm that can accurately interpret your health based on pictures of your face. They took headshots of more than 270 subjects of varying ethnicities and developed a program that would interpret blood pressure, BMI, and percentage body fat based on facial analysis. The results indicate that a selfie is worth a thousand words...and that you need to eat more salad.

Government Conflicted Over Medical Taxes  

The House and Senate recently drafted sweeping changes to the US tax system, however, the two bodies of our government seem to be conflicted like celebs on the brink of divorce. One major difference between them is that the House wants to scrap medical expense deductions. Meaning if someone has huge medical bills and has to pay a lot of money out of pocket they can no longer deduct those expenses from their yearly taxes. This would increase taxes for close to 9 million Americans who use the tax cut. The Senate wants to keep this tax cut and actually make it even easier to use, but they also want to repeal the ACA. In the upcoming weeks the House and Senate will have to do some serious soul searching to reconcile their differences and decide our future taxation.

UnitedHealth Buys DaVita Docs

Remember last week when we told you Aetna bought CVS for $69 billion? Well turns out there’s even more consolidation going on in the Healthcare Industry. UnitedHealth Group, the largest healthcare company in the world, is now buying physician groups from DaVita for $4.9 billion in ice cold cash. #dialysisdollars