Issue 3: CVS Buys Aetna, Single Ladies and Dementia, and more

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Is Kim Kardashian a Cannibal? Not Exactly

Recently there has been a trend of Hollywood celebs endorsing the controversial process of eating their own placenta after giving birth. Reality TV juggernaut, entrepreneur, critically acclaimed sex tape star, and Kanye West’s babby mamma Kim Kardashian has raved about the potential health benefits of eating her own placenta and even posted a story about it on her app. She and other famous starlets espouse that chomping down on some placenta can improve postpartum mood, increase breast milk production, and decelerate aging. One problem. Science disagrees. A bunch of researchers, OBGYN’s, and the CDC have all reviewed studies which suggest no benefit to eating placenta.

CVS buys Aetna for $69 Billion
Yesterday it was announced that CVS, which has revenue of close to $180 billion and 10,000 stores will merge with the 3rd largest US health insurance provider. Why do we care? Simple. The new combined business will provide more integrated healthcare services by converting some of CVS’s stores into community clinics which manage chronic diseases such as diabetes, perform hearing and visual checks, and provide hospital follow up care. This may also raise the probability that CVS sells less junk food and candy given that CVS already decided to stop selling tobacco products 3 years ago. The deal still needs to be approved by regulatory officials, but if approved could spell a serious disruption in the healthcare landscape.

All the Single Ladies! (May Get Dementia)

A recent analysis of 15 studies with more than 800,000 people from several countries including the US shows that people who remain single all their life have a 42% increased chance of getting dementia. Widowed people have a 20% increase compared to married people. This is why you shouldn’t swipe left.