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Issue 53: Prescription Heroin, HIV+ status, telemedicine hiring startup and more

Issue 52: Healthcare price transparency, ACA fails, avocados, and the CRISPR controversy

Issue 51: Spinal cord stimulators, medical data ownerrship, CRISPR babies, and more

ISSUE 50: Free genome sequencing, mini-brains, google health is back, and more

Issue 49: Voters worry about US healthcare, Amazon and Google making big moves in healthcare, startup 98point6, and more

Issue 48: Old men having kids, American microbiome, largest medical debt forgiveness and more

Issue 47: Rutgers stops mosquitoes, Insulin prices skyrocket, swipe right if melanoma and more

Issue 46: Microchip Implants, the Importance of Sleep, Sharing Medical Data with the Jobs Family

Issue 45: Supplement scandal, record VC funding, color changing contacts, and genome hackers