Issue 36: Trumpsurance, Tokyo Medical School is Sexist, Origami Organs, and more

New Trump Insurance doesn't cover much

Image from GQ

It's no secret that Trump hates the homie Obama. Before Trump got elected he promised to throw out the Big O's baby (Obamacare) and replace it with something that he claimed would be way better. The details were vague, actually let me rephrase that: there weren't any details. But now Trump is trumping up his new "short term" health insurance plan. Short term is for people who are temporarily between jobs or grad school and need some form of insurance just in case. Except that Trump short term insurance can last 1 year and be renewed for up to 3 years. The upside is that these plans are dirt cheap. Experts predict that prices can be as low as $130/month compared to the average $400/month for ACA plans. Brace yourself - there's a list of downsides. The plans can turn away people with a pre-existing condition or charge them huge amounts of money. Plans may not cover any prescription drugs, mental health services, or maternity care. The plan will also increase federal spending over the next 10 years by $28 billion. So basically these plans are only for young super healthy people who won't get sick. Cause if they do SOL -  Trumpsurance ain't gonna cut it. 

Tokyo Medical School is sexist: subtracted points from female applicants 

Image from Youtube

Sexism is real. A Tokyo medical school is in hot water recently for trying to prevent women from getting accepted into their medical school. Totally fu!ked up, but true. The Tokyo Medical University subtracted points from female applicants entrance exam so as to keep the class capped at around 30% female. Their excuse was that once female doctors graduate they're too busy making babies too actually work as doctors. This systematic bias started back in 2010 when TMU discovered that 40% of their class were women and this was too much for them. Obviously TMU did not read the JAMA article stating that women make better doctors than men. 

Origami Organs

Image from Northwestern University 

Inspired by the flexible tissue paper used in origami, Northwestern University scientists have developed a special “tissue paper” made of animal organs. The tissue sorta serves as a scaffold on which various cell types can grow, including stem cells and ovarian follicles. Depending on which organ the specific tissue paper was derived from, the paper has a different function. A paper created using uterine organs has the potential to someday help promote natural hormone production in young cancer patients. In surgical settings, the tissues can aid with wound healing through their ability to help regenerate tissue and prevent scarring. It's a pretty amazing innovation!

Legionnaire's Bacteria in NYC Waters

Lots of diarrhea in there. Image: Siegel Brill PA

Legionella has been around earth for millions of years, but it was originally discovered when old men who attended the American Legion convention in 1976 died from a mysterious pneumonia. Those infected got hyponatremia and diarrhea, unlike other more common forms of pneumonia. The bacteria responsible for Legionella thrive in cooling towers and air conditioning units. It got some spotlight in the news several years ago in the Bronx, infected 11 people in Upper Manhattan last month, and now it has been found that the sneaky little bastards live in the very water system of a major NYC hospital, Jacobi Medical Center. The patients and staffers at the 450 bed hospital were forced to use bath wipes until new filters were placed. NYC offers diverse opportunities, equally generous to humans and bacteria. 

Salads from Trader Joe's, Kroger, and Walgreens Recalled for Cyclospora

Some big food chain gossip. Image: businessinsider

People pay for fresh greens like never before. Demand is high, and it made me wonder how the suppliers delivered their salads free of pesky bacterias and parasites. From the recent romaine lettuce e. coli outbreak to McDonald's cyclospora salads. Outbreaks are everywhere. Recently Trader Joe's, Kroger  and Walgreens recalled their salads due to another cyclospora infection, alerted by the USDA itself. Is it the same parasite that worked up the food chain in McDonald's? Who knows. Cyclospora can cause fever, diarrhea, and vomiting, lasting up to months.  Don't let it ransack you. Stop eating the recalled products that were produced between July 15 to July 18. Oh, and if you already ate some, its incubation period can be up to two weeks. Sh!t. 

Valsartan Recall

China is in the middle of yet another major recall. If you're keeping track that's two major scandals in the last month. We reported last week about the huge vaccination scandal in which 250,000 doses of diptheria and tetanus vaccines were ineffective. Now reports are surfacing of another scandal. This time concerning the blood pressure medication Valsartan made by Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceuticals (ZHP). Apparently ZHP accidentally made some Valsartan laced with NMDA which is a potent carcinogen. The recall is in place in 22 countries.