Issue 44:

John Hopkins wants more people to try magic mushrooms 

dank meme (no pun intended)

Back in the day JH did a landmark study showing that mushrooms had very positive lasting effects for those who had depression and anxiety. Now JH is going several steps further and wants the DEA to change psilocybin from schedule I to schedule IV. JH definitely has a point. Schedule I is for drugs with no proven medical benefit and that are highly addictive. Clearly the squares at the DEA have no idea what they are talking about because mushrooms are not highly addictive lol. Schedule IV is reserved for drugs that have medical benefit and are shown to be less addicting. On the subject, the DEA currently classifies xanax as schedule IV even though literally every soundcloud rapper is addicted to them (lil xan and lil pump). The DEA needs to do a better job because clearly their classification system is not helping anyone. With the help of prestigious medical institutions and research it's highly likely that psilocybin will become a more regular part of medicine for those patients who need it.

FEDS shut down Fermented Cabbage Facebook Fraud 

The face of fraud. Image Credit:

The internet has got some hella crazy trolls and some even crazier people spouting medical bs that has no scientific evidence. Some woman named Jillian Epperly started a FB group on fermented cabbage that according to her could cure cancer, regrow limbs, and turn gay people straight by causing them to have massive diarrhea. Yeah it sounds fu*king crazy. By last year she grew the FB page to more than 55,000 followers and that's when the FEDS stepped in. The Federal Trade Commission told her to cease and desist. She now has a private website where she charges $30 for membership. The internet is one hell of a place.

Evidence-Based Cancer Treatments Lead to Better Results (sound evidence-based much?)

Cancer sucks. It can make the patient powerless and hopeless, and even drive the patient to make decisions that are often outside the evidence-based, clinical trial-approved recommendations so that they feel like they are in more control of their own health and future. Or sometimes they try to avoid side effects of chemo or radiation, which sucks. But at what cost? Up to 83% of cancer patients try alternative medicine at one point, including herbal, vitamins, cereal, and what not. A new Yale study revealed patients who chose alternative medicine over standard care therapy had overall 2.5 times higher risk of death (x6 in breast cancer and x4.5 in colon cancer). Patients who refuse standard therapy should be well aware that taking therapy of choice in lieu of standardized therapy puts themselves at unknown risks of their own. Would you rather choose known side effects vs. unknown side effects? Or known effectiveness vs. unknown effectiveness? The choice is yours.

Flavonoid Fistein Increases Longevity 

an apple a day keeps you looking younger

Everyone knows that fruits and vegetables are good for you, yet a lot of Americans seem not to care and instead hit up the McDonalds drive thru. Turns out though that eating fruit can slow down the aging process and keep you younger. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota discovered that fistein, which naturally occurs in many fruits/vegetables — including apples, strawberries, onions, and cucumbers could prolong the lifespan of elderly mice. Fistein is a polyphenol in the flavonoid group that has powerful antioxidant effects. The mice reported lived longer and had less disease. Good for them. Scientists are working on more details such as dosage and whether the fistein also helps old humans. As for me I am gonna be eating way more fruit from now on.

Death By Selfie 

Train Selfie. Image Credit:

From 2011 to 2017 there have been a reported total of 259 deaths due to selfies. From travelers trying to get that perfect shot on top of mountains to tourists not looking both ways before they selfie. Of the 259 deaths, drowning and transportation related accidents were the highest causes of death. The researchers also noticed that (maybe not surprisingly) 85% of selfie deaths were younger people less than 30. Selfie death is a worldwide trend and the leading countries were India, Russia, and the US. Russia has responded by launching a “Safe Selfie” campaign, which featured the slogan, “Even a million ‘likes’ on social media are not worth your life and well-being,” Word.

Free Hugs. They're Good for You

may the hug be with you

Feeling down after getting into an argument with someone? The best thing for you to do is hug it out! Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University published a study which found that individuals who receive a hug after experiencing an interpersonal conflict exhibit a smaller jump in negative emotions, as well as a smaller drop in positive emotions, Participants continued to have improved moods even a day after receiving a hug. These effects were observed in both men and women, and not just after receiving hugs from romantic partners—hugging other social partners also produced the same effect. Though we probably didn’t need a study to tell us that hugs really do make us feel better, it’s still pretty cool that they have a quantifiable impact on our moods.